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Stuffed Zebras

My first goal is to reach out to kids with EDS and send them a zebra and welcome letter so they know they are not in this journey alone. Video will be updated soon to show that we have donated 50 zebras from November 2020 to February 2021.



Establish Charity Store

We currently have started a store with EDS related items. All profits from items sold go back into our purpose. We also created our "First Annual Calendar Fundraiser" created by kids with EDS and have just released our official fundraising bracelets.



Scoliosis Zebras w/ Higgy Bears

Scoliosis is another diagnosis I battle. So I wanted to do a special project for kids with scoliosis and EDS together. I have teamed up with Higgy Bears (another Non-Profit) to supply a zebra with a back brace. Our first one went out in January 2021.




Wheelchair or Medical Equipment Donation

As the organization grows I hope that funds will allow us to help patients get wheelchairs and other medical supplies. Braces and tape for joints get super expensive, and in many cases insurance will not cover these items.


Infusion Center Patient Gift Bags

On June 11, 2021 we delivered gift bags to kids having infusions for different illnesses like autoimmune disorders. These bags were made in honor of my Tia Meli who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The stuffed animal we used was an elephant to represent positive energy and healing. We will continue to donate bags to infusion centers.

Meli Project.jpg



Gift Bags for EDS kids in Hospital or Recovering from Surgery

We have currently started sending out gift bags to kids with EDS that have been hospitalized, are recovering from surgery, or are having a very difficult time medically. We have created an Amazon wish list for these items and it has been very successful thanks to the help of our great supporters. 

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